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Oct 4, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. >> in this country and world has grown around the technology revolution. studies show they are safe. we have a lot of academic papers we are happy to let anyone read. >> the upgrade program for cabs was put on hold last month. >> a frightening scene in bethesda as two masked men grabbed the man and freedom in the back of a car. >> it turns out it was not a kidnapping. >> these men obviously did not think this one out. that people would be so frightened to called 911. police officers rushed to the bethesda sports and health club this afternoon. witnesses said two masked men turned up to the club and forced another man into the car and took off. someone managed to jot down the license plate number and called 911. it was all a hoax. >> everybody was looking, what is going on? >> the man who was supposedly abducted told police it was a bachelor party prank and in indian culture, it is tradition for the group to be kidnapped. -- groom to be kidnapped. >> it is ridiculous. >> police say these three men involved in today's big prank well to be charged with anything. we did not know how the group to be wi
Oct 3, 2012 5:00pm EDT
,teaching science technology, engineering, and mathematics. using experiments like this one to blow up some bubbles to spark a fascination with science. some require a lot of hot air. watching it shoot across the floor. learning the different effects earthquakes have. one day, the world will depend on this generation to tackle global challenges. >> if they do not have an understanding of science they will be finding it difficult. >> and after just one night at the children's science center these kids already seems smarter. >> actually, i am. >> is a roving organization but they have plans. to learn more, just go to and click on harris' heroes. >> thanks, leon. science is taking on one of the classic home remedies. warding off cold symptoms. and full steam ahead. the first african-american woman to become a three-star officer. she sits >> a trailblazer her entire career michelle howard, reaching the rank of a three- star. >> surviving the attack on the pentagon, and the struggles up the ladder of success. maureen bunyan reports. >> the seaswere often rough for this sailor. >> those who did
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2